Why is my Rustoleum paint wrinkling? – Spray Paint Art Online

We strongly advise against using paint thinners. In the early days when Rustoleum began, the thinners were widely accepted as safe. There were several studies performed that showed that a thinner should be fine for this kind of application. After several years of use, some Rustoleums had “skin tears” that made them prone to wrinkling. Many times we have discovered skin tears are simply an indication of the use of a thinner. While we recommend you use thinner, we are not in the business of diagnosing and treating skin issues. However, since we’ve had a number of customers with skin tears, it seems prudent to be honest.

Here is a picture of a few that are starting to show some wrinkling:

The first of these had a couple of years of use. The top half of the bottom half of the picture has about a week worth of Rustoleum on the bottom half. The top half will remain the same. The following week, we have the bottom half of the picture, and it is almost completely wrinkled! The second photo is an example where a few minutes of application, and a little sanding, did it.

If you find this happens to your paint, you may need to start over with a thinner or add some water to your thinner to thin it out a little.

Are our paint chips flaking off?

We suggest you do not wipe off the paint, as it will just scratch whatever part of the surface you’ve had it on.

Can I use Rustoleum to repair paint damage?

Most of our customers are doing this kind of repairs, but a few years ago, there were some customers who had not learned their lesson and were using Rustoleum to scratch and chip paint!

If your repair is on a surface that you care about so much, it’s not necessarily right for us to use Rustoleum. We don’t recommend our customers use our paints to repair or preserve any kind of material. Just make sure you buy a very thin layer of Rustoleum on the repair to seal it.

How long does it cure?

Most products have a shelf life ranging from a few weeks to well over a year. If you find you have a surface that has been in the sun longer than a few weeks, consider starting over and waiting until the weather warms up for a few more weeks before using Rustoleum.

How is Rustoleum applied to a surface?

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