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As the wax cures, paint flakes off and the paint flakes off the surface. It creates uneven uneven color variations, it can also be uneven if there are more layers of wax. We recommend washing and drying your Rustoleum paint as needed.

Can I use Rustoleum as a base paint?

Yes! The Rustoleum paint is a flexible medium and you can use it on a variety of bases that you wish. Many rustoleum paints will be a good choice for a hard base with metal, resin, and many other metal surfaces.

Can rustoleum and other paint be mixed well?

For the best results, use a good mixing ratio. We recommend 5parts white to 1 part red, 1 part blue to 1 part green and 1 part yellow to 1 part blue.

A long time ago… The beginning of the end.
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The Island of the Lost takes this to a whole other level

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