Can a divorced Catholic remarry?

Do we really have to take her virginity? Should we take the chance that we get hitched and marry her? Does celibacy really guarantee eternal life with God? If we are going to marry a priest, does the priest have to take his orders from the bishop and that means he can’t take them from his pastors? What if the pastor is a priest and the bishop’s the Bishop of Rome? These are not questions that should come up if you are going to marry and become a priest. I hope this answers that.


The Catholic Church teaches that a divorced woman is never to get married as long as she is still under the jurisdiction of her former spouse. She must live apart from her former spouse. Should she then marry?


In this question the answer is definitely no. The following is an excerpt from a book that is well-known to be written by the late Fr. John Paul Scholasticus which we recommend: “Ibid”

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How many divorced women in the Church can you imagine who really had husbands and then got divorced and divorced again?


The answer to that question depends on the definition of divorced woman in the church. According to the church’s teaching, the divorced woman is not a divorced man when she has remarried after separation.

There is one exception to that, but it’s still a special exception. An exception to that is if the former remarried first and then divorced, then they are a divorced woman. If someone has remarried and had been living together as husband and wife prior to the remarriage and then divorced, they are allowed to remarry before the end of the sixth month. If they can remarry on the second day, after which another marriage is void for them, they then become a remarried woman again.

There are several problems with this way of thinking in terms of what qualifies as a divorced woman. You do what you have to do to survive in the church. A lot of divorced priests who marry wives and have children have to live with each other but the remarried women never have that situation. Their families are always close.

A lot of people in the culture are looking for a way of defining a divorced woman in the church. They are looking at the definition of the Church. It’s the way in which the Church is organized in the west and the church has created this kind of thing in the west