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I was wondering if you could clarify the rules of the Catholic sacrament of remarriage by asking specific questions? I asked to be able to tell the faithful what their marriage certificate said.

Thanks and please know that I understand that most folks are just now finding out our doctrine on canon law, etc. I don’t have time to go through all those issues right now.

As a married Catholic and a divorced and remarried Catholic, one of the things that has been very helpful for us is that when we get a new member who has just been excommunicated, we want to be able to bring the people in our lives back together so that we can continue the work of the Church in the world. So, we are very careful about that aspect of our pastoral work. One of the things that we have done is in our recent book How to Make Peace With the World about the importance we attach to family unity, we have discussed in detail the role of the priest.

So, there are a couple of basic questions:

Have the priest told you how he would like his divorced and remarried person to be married? Is there a written contract that he has signed with his divorced and remarried person that specifically states that he will not marry the person again? Is it possible to marry a divorced and remarried Catholic? Is there a procedure before or after the wedding where one of the spouses can ask their priest or pastor for a dissolution letter to dissolve their marriage?

It would be very helpful for all the divorced and remarried Catholics we know to ask the questions and to find out exactly what is involved when they wish to be married again!

Sandra R.


[1] See Canon 3.1, p. 974.

You can see a detailed analysis of the results here.

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