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You can have another church ceremony (like a civil ceremony) in a civil parish, for example, instead of the church or civil registry – a civil registry usually requires the permission of the church. There are some exceptions to these rules though.

The church has the right to stop you marrying a member of its own congregation, so you might have to get the permission of the church before you can get a divorce.

A civil register isn’t likely to apply to any children of divorced Anglican parents or children and their grandparents.

You have a lot of rights to privacy in your relationship – you can say anything privately about the breakdown, where you live and whether or not you want to see each other as a divorce can be messy.

It’s important to remember, as you think about your children, that they are all still your children, and therefore will still have custody of them.

So before you go any further, ask yourself these questions:

What is the best outcome for the children?

Do you want to see both of them together as a family?

Do you want to see your children without their father?

Do you want to see them as parents or as children, with no role models and no religious role model?

Remember: we’re all in a situation where God and God’s grace are on our side, and we have the right to make decisions as a couple.

But if you don’t want kids and you and your partner don’t want kids, we have options – there’s a lot of support available to support a couple, just like we do for people who are divorced. You just need to find out how to support each other with what you want.

You can’t just tell others what to do. But it’s probably worth asking – it might help you if you decide to take on some responsibilities for children to help make life a little better for the kids without having to do it from behind a screen.

Our advice: It depends on the circumstances, how serious things are, and the type of person you are, you may have to decide what it would be like for your partner to take on that responsibility.

If you want more help on what to do, you can contact our advice line for advice on legal matters. See the Help us find help section of our website for more information.

Find more information about divorce and custody and children and how to support your family on the Child Support Agency

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