Can a divorced Catholic remarry?

Yes. If you are a divorced Catholic and have given up your old religion, you are eligible to remarry a Catholic who now lives in Canada (there are no requirements, only a very strong desire to be reunited with your family.)

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How long can a divorced Catholic remarry?

If your husband is a Catholic who divorced and had lived in Canada, this will be a two-year wait (in English or French). If your wife is a Catholic who has divorced and has never lived in Canada, then it will take five years. If your wife wants to be married again to a non-Catholic and not live in Canada, or want to have your children raised in the Catholic faith, it might be six years (but keep in mind that Canada has strict laws banning the recognition of same-sex marriage.)

What happens if my former Catholic husband/wife becomes Catholic?

After your divorce is final, you will be notified of the divorce in the mail. In your divorce decree, you can’t change your Catholic faith unless you first ask your husband to change it (if you did not ask within the first year of the divorce, you can ask again every year after.) If you are asking your husband to change his Catholic faith, he may not accept the change in faith if that means he can’t share your sacraments with you. You can still attend Mass with your ex-wife, and the two of you will still celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation (you might find out later that your ex-wife is still married to a Catholic). There is no formal obligation to keep her updated on your divorce and the sacraments. It is completely up to the woman who divorced your ex-wife to make arrangements for your sacramental services, and make sure they happen when she is not expected.

How do I get a signed divorce decree in French?

If you need a signed divorce decree in a foreign language, please email the following to us: For international orders, please write to us:


PO Box 5928

Ottawa, ON, K1G 3J7

What is the best way to become a Catholic?

There are many ways to become a Catholic in Canada. It is best for a divorced or separated person to first read some of the materials provided by the Family Resource Centre. These are available online under “How to become a Catholic in Canada”. (The