Can anyone get a tribal tattoo? – 500 Tattoo Designs

Yes. Tribal tattoo artists can get tattoos that are tribal, but not all tattoo artists are able to. Tribal tattoo artists must have a license to do these tattoos. These permits are given by the tribal council and must be renewed every five years or else they can be banned.

Some tribal tattoos are covered on the back as well. Are tribal tattoos covered by insurance?

Yes. Insurance policy may prohibit coverage for tribal tattoos, as coverage is considered a form of self-defense, and tribal tattoos are considered weapons.

How long is a body tattoo? How many people can be tattooed at one time?

Body tattoos are typically one to two inches; more tattoos are sometimes covered, but they are typically visible on the skin and not visible on clothes. Tattoos that are not visible may have a hole or gap to be covered, or not be covered at all. Tattoos that can be covered (but are not visible on the skin) are some examples of tattoos that are often covered by insurance policy. Tribal tattoos are covered by insurance, although tattoos that are not visible on the skin may lack an insurance cover.

If a person has a tattoo of any other name, are the tattoos legal?

Many tattoos are legal, as long as the tribal council allows them, although legal tattooing may be more difficult than legal non-tattooing. Some tribal tattoos may be considered illegal. Tribal tattoos may violate a woman’s privacy or be prohibited by a court order. To learn more about how tribal tattoos should be treated, read The Truth About Tattoos: How Tribes, Tribeship, and Tribal Tattoos Differ.

Does tribal tattooing provide additional insurance benefits compared to non-tribal tattoos? Can I get insurance coverage for tattoos that are covered by insurance?

Insurance is considered insurance by many governments, and tribal tattoos are covered by some insurance. To find tribal tattoos, and to learn about your local tribal council and tribal tattoo coverage, see Our Tribes. To find an insurance agent in your area, see Who’s Your Agent? and to find tribal tattoo tattoo artists, see Tattoo Artists. You can also call insurance company or tribal council for information. As in any other type of insurance, before you get insurance coverage you must know your limits. A tribal council can require that a particular type of insurance payment be made up-front before coverage can be offered.

The National Tribal Health Council covers the cost of tribal tattoos; tribal

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