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When I asked this with a friend who is the owner of the popular tattoo studio Tattoo Tasty, he told me not really, but he may be thinking of doing that.

“I am not sure,” he said “But I don’t want to be one of those people who get a fake tribal tattoo because what if I get it and then it doesn’t work?”

“It can be tricky,” noted tattooer and stylist Jannifer M. Smith of Baltimore, “For a lot of people it can be difficult,” she cautioned. “Just because you haven’t really ever gotten it done before doesn’t mean you won’t.”

So, if you are in a position to get the tattoo, do it!

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to get a fake tribal tattoo. In the above video it’s possible to see that. However, the tattoo artist didn’t use a tattoo artist, and he didn’t even have fake skin. He used a regular t-shirt and then he got the black outline over his arms. It took a while for his eyesight to come back, which he didn’t like, which is why he didn’t get the ink on the face.

“I think they should have just done the same exact tattoo on an empty sleeve,” explained Smith. “It would have been a more streamlined procedure and easier to do the ink at a faster rate.”

One thing people need to realize is that fake tribal tattoos aren’t the same as real ones. A fake tribal tattoo has been done for years, but the ink has been diluted by mixing it with an un-touched tattoo. So, before you rush out to get a fake tribal tattoo, keep in mind that your result may not be the exact same one they are advertising.

What do you think about getting a fake tribal tattoo?

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In response to the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby &academics: A history that challenges religion’s influence on public education, the Wall Street Journal reports that “The Court’s Hobby Lobby decision was in part based on a belief that some of these nonprofit groups should be exempt from federal regulations protecting the health and safety of the employees who work for them. Such organizations are prohibited by the Federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act from ‘discriminating against any person on the basis of religion’ or ‘religious belief and expression.'”

The WSJ reports that even though most Americans, including some who claim to be “conservative” in terms of their religious

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