Can anyone get Samoan tattoos? – Tattoo Designs For Ladies Hands

I’ve got a guy here in Hawaii who has a tattoo I don’t know if he’s from New Zealand…

But what about other cultures, then? I want to see this.

In my research, we found all kinds of different tattooed people. It’s a very broad question. There are different kinds, we’ll name them later as part of the research and they all get different tattoos.

When you meet these people and talk with them, what’s the impact of the tattooed skin on your psyche?

I think they kind of change you. When you’re with a tattooed person, everyone sees your tattooed skin in a different light, that’s the thing. It gets you in the groove. The tattooed person sees you differently. In my experience, for an athlete, it is very easy to look at a person’s tattoo and think, oh my God this is great and great to have the ability to do this, but as soon as you’re off the field of play, your mind is a little bit down with worry because your body may be hurting or the skin might be breaking down due to the stress.

One of my clients who had the tattooed skin came up to me and she said, “My tattoo is getting darker. It’s pretty obvious it’s getting darker.” I was not at all surprised.

What’s the impact on the team you’re playing for?

I think it has a positive affect, to a certain extent, but it’s only partially positive. Once a person has a tattoo, they kind of have to embrace it. I think it makes them more confident, more able to withstand the rigors of every game.

But it does mean that I’m not putting much of my own work into the environment of the playing surface, so at the same time, it feels good.

What other tattoos do you get?

It’s a lot in the middle, it’s just the things that the tattoo artist wants and that I’m comfortable with. My client who has a tattoo on her abdomen, the artist said, “I’m very proud of her.” I don’t think that’s something I need to worry about.

It’s just part of your personality.

[Laughs] I’m so happy with what I’ve chosen, so that I can be me, not someone else. I think it’s really important to always have a choice when you’re being given something; to have choice,

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