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Nah, I’d be too busy looking like some fat, bearded Hawaiian tattooed guy. Also, there’s not a lot of Samoan people around…and it was a while…we’re pretty much a non-existant people, except on TV.

Is there any Samoan influence in your life at all?

I’m of Samoan heritage, but I don’t consider myself Samoan at all because I don’t believe in the language. I just get asked about it. It’s really interesting…you know, my family came over here for the first time a couple of thousands of years ago and I think they were just looking for a new place to live. When I was a kid, people would say, “How the heck did you come out here?” I’ve always told people “I came here to work in an English bakery” even though I’m really not that proficient in that language…I can’t speak with my mom.

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What do you feel most strongly about?

The fact that all the boys in my class wear the same kind of shirt, and they all wear the same kind of pants, and that we all grow up together. I wouldn’t have anything else. I know people who were raised in other cultures…I mean, they don’t get to be like Samoan. I have friends, but I’m the most comfortable with my background.

What do you take away from the Samoan experience?

That you are a part of a larger community, that you have value, and that you don’t have to be afraid of anyone. They’re not just looking at you. You’re like a friend who’s been around a long, long time and I don’t think you want them calling up and telling you they don’t like the look of you anymore. But, in my case, I think I’m a lot more than I was before, but I’d still rather be in Samoan culture.

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You’re coming back and you have a new album out with the title ‘Ponysauce’. It’s called ‘A Better Place’, and will probably be available April 14, 2017 on iTunes. Does that mean we can expect new material from you next…

I don’t think so. We did ‘Tough Break’…I have two songs on that album

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