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You know, it’s true that anyone who’s gone through this thing — this incredible thing that we all went through, the culture shock, the culture shock of growing up as gay in Australia, New Zealand, and the US and the UK — you know, any human ever goes through a kind of cultural and social transformation, in terms of becoming more or less what you were at different points in your life. And at the same time you kind of find yourself in this really interesting place where your gender is, you know, in the middle, and yet there are some parts of your identity that you’ve never quite worked out.

And so, you know, you’re like, “Well, what does that mean? How do I figure that out?” And there’s very little information available, even today about the people who go through the process. And so I hope that this research I’m doing, as a means to try and help people understand those experiences, would be a sort of an attempt to sort of help people get a little bit more information about that.

And I thought I’d start by trying to describe the experiences of some of the people that I see that I can’t quite understand in a certain way. My intention is to try and be as simple as possible, but at the same time not to give the lie to the whole process, which would be something that’s not really easy.

I mean, to speak simply because you’ve got so many questions. People ask us questions about their bodies, about their sexuality, about their identities, and about how they are perceived by those around them, and we try our best to answer our questions for them, because they don’t want to talk about it. They don’t like to talk about it because it’s embarrassing. They don’t want to talk about it because their friends are homophobic; it’s just what they do, and it gives them a sort of shield against people talking about it in positive terms.

But, well, I guess like this is exactly what’s happened in this article. I have this experience, and I want to try and kind of give you some clues about what my experience was like. This experience has taken place at a time when my body was, when I was a little bit taller and I was having a little bit more confidence, and I knew that I wasn’t straight or gay, because it’s so confusing to me.
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I was not a sexual figure. I mean, I didn’t drink

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