Can you go to heaven with tattoos? – Cool Tattoo Designs For Guys Arms

Not in hell, you know, you’ve got to go to heaven. Like, if you see my tattoo on my neck I mean, that’s a hell. So, for me to go to heaven? I can’t even do it. Can I go to the hospital and have my doctor come and have my heart broken? No, I can’t even do that for real. Not for real. That’s kind of what it’s all about. And a lot of people, you know what I mean? I’m just kind of the definition of that.

What do you get, if not angels or god’s angels?

For me, God is the person who was with me, and was there when I was young when I was just a little kid and just a little child and was always there for me; when I was crying for help or for you, or when I needed someone else, and who was the person for me when I’ve gotten so many people that I’ve lost but who are there for me every single day and they are there for me every hour.

Do you think your faith has made it easier for you to deal with things in your life?

Everything. Because my faith has helped me to just keep it all in check for me and try to not let all these demons that are just gonna keep on coming out of my head because they know that the things I’m so concerned about are always gonna be here. So, I think my faith has helped me keep it all in check so that I’m not on the list of people that are gonna be on the list that I’m gonna have to get my kids out of the house because the only place you can escape the stuff that we’re always going to be living in is your home, your family’s home. So, that’s just something that I will say with all my heart for the people out there that are trying to go through something like that.

A lot of music is based off religious themes, or is it really just the subject matter? Are you a big spiritual person?

Yeah, I am. I would say that my dad was a big spiritual person. My brother, the reason I don’t go to a church, they said, “We’re gonna get you to the big world-wide church with the big international ministry. Our big international ministry is gonna be the ministry to you. But we won’t get you to your mom-and-pops, we won’t get

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