Can you go to heaven with tattoos? – Pinterest Tattoosmens

Tatyana: Yes, I can.

John: So is it different if you are wearing one? Or no tattoos?

Tatyana: It’s totally different.

John: But, obviously, all the tattoos that you have are yours, right?

Tatyana: Yes. It’s not just a matter of being on a magazine cover with other people.

John: Right, right. But if someone’s tattooed on you, is that the ultimate form that a tattoo can take? Is it not just a form of expression, or is it one’s body that’s used more?

Tatyana: Not necessarily. There are many other forms, too.

For instance, I think that all bodies, both men and women, are beautiful. I think that all men should have tattoos; all women should have them. It doesn’t matter. I think a tattoo is a statement. Like, I think tattoos say that something is true and that is important for any person who wants to show their commitment to being a part of this world. Just a few words on a piece of paper. If you know who someone is, and they’re famous, and they had the most amazing life, you should have some ink on them. I just don’t think it means anything.

John: Right. But it can be meaningful, don’t you think?

Tatyana: I’m just saying. And if you think that, then you should have one.

John: No, no.

Tatyana: And you should think about who you would want to be like that. Or, maybe not, maybe not. If you’re not sure where you fall, or what you would like to be like, you might want to have a tattoo. And maybe they are not the exact same things I would want to be like.

John: So you like art?

Tatyana: No. I do not.

John: Why not?

Tatyana: Because my friend told me that it is just an expression of a human’s spirit. That it gives one more experience. One more way of getting in touch with one’s self, one more way of being connected.

John: So, is it important to have some? I can see why people, for instance, with tattoos on their bodies might want to have some. There’s an

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