Can you go to heaven with tattoos? – Tattoo Picture

Nope. No. Not with tattoos. You’re not going to Heaven.

What you can do is get tattoos on your body?

It is not a legal procedure. You’re not allowed for people to tattoo. You can either get a tattoo yourself or have one done by a professional.

So you get your tattoo in China and it’s shipped over to New York?

Yes. In some way it is a legal procedure to have a tattoo in the United States. I didn’t get the tattoo in New York, and that’s why the tattooist there could not get a visa for me to get the tattoo there. That’s why the tattooist in New York is not allowed to work with me, because she can’t get a visa to be a tattooist in the country where she does her work. So I was in China, and the tattooist was working in the United Kingdom. And when I arrived to the United States, they had to put me in a hotel for a week for the whole process and they asked me to come in for a whole week just to give me everything I needed. They would not even give me a couple of days if I didn’t get my tattoo. And so I did have a couple of days. And so I have two hours after I got my tattoo in China to be back home.

But you get the tattoo in China now?


Did you get your tattoo in China?

I got the tattoo in China, and then came to the States, and then went out of the country and was in the U.K. for a month.

So you had a couple of months to go and then it came back?


But you then got the tattoo.

Yes, the tattoo came back.

So, basically, when you get out of China, you’re done?

No, the day before I received it from China, the first day. The exact same one I did in Beijing on April 25.

How did you obtain the tattoo?

I went into China and made friends with this Chinese tattooer at the tattoo shop in the United Kingdom.

Have you seen tattoo shops in the United States?

No. I don’t know anyone that works in the tattoo shop. I had to come and find a tattoo shop in the United States. I tried a few places in the U.K., but they were not

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