Did slaves get tattoos? – Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs For Men

Yes: the tattoos used were made of cow skin, and the skin was usually tattooed after a day or so.

Some tattoo artists, including tattoo aficionados, claim that slaves got their tattoos as “advice” from those who had them done. Many slaves’ tattoos were covered up to cover them up when they were liberated, and some of these tattoos were covered up so their owner didn’t suspect any deception.

However, the slaves’ tattoos may have been deliberately kept a secret and hidden from the new masters to discourage anyone from questioning their claims. Some of slaveowners may have thought the slaves were a nuisance and just needed more money or protection.

According to the New Jersey Registry of Deeds, slaveowners sold their enslaved black women to whores, and the slaves’ bodies were used for “gore, torture, and the sale of human beings” for the purposes of “torturing slave girls, who were then sold and transported in vessels to various countries where prostitution was common in order to be sold in Europe, Africa, and America.”

While slaveowners may have thought the slaves were a nuisance in selling their captives, it’s highly probable that the slaves were not aware of the sexual nature of their enslavement. When slaves were sold, the owners told them their “owners” intended to trade them for sex, often with other captives enslaved by different owners.

Many slaves, after being sold or transported, were bound to a slave pen, which became known as a “semen pen.” In addition to making their “semen” disappear, the semen pen was an ideal, makeshift, hiding place where the slaves could escape from their captors and escape with the clothes and other necessities left behind.

By the end of slavery the sex slave trade was illegal in the US, but it continued until 1870, and a new slave-trade was initiated. The new slave-trade came into being because there was a new slave law designed to deal with slave owners who owned more than one slave. (See the US Code, Title 17, Section 752 – Slave trade, Part II)

While sex slaves are the most publicized type of trafficking and human trafficking, there are numerous types of human trafficking happening across the globe today. There are sex tourism, commercial rape, human smuggling, and some of the other types of human trafficking which have been going on in America for centuries.

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