Do lotus flowers grow in mud?

Yes, lotus-flowers bloom in muddy mud at the base of a cliff, at the edge of a river, in forested hills, in the dry and moist tropics, in the cold and wet Antarctic and Antarctic.

Is there any way to control the fertilization?

No, there is nothing to control the fertilization and it won’t stop. The fertilization will be carried out just like the seeds which are planted on the same soil surface and growing day after day. So the only way to do something to control the fertilization and stop it is to add water to the soil.

What if the wind or the rain make the soil unstable?

If they are wet and have a lot of salt in them the soils will become unstable. But that will stop it very quickly.

What could be the cause of the weather to be too strong and windy in the tropics? Is it caused by climate change?

The tropics are the main cause of the weather and there are many causes of it. The first and most important cause is that this is a tropical climate, there is no continental climate or cold. So it’s warm and humid in this climate and it’s too hot and dry in the cold regions, in Europe and North America. I would like to see what would happen to the tropics that this climate is replaced by continental climates. So we can learn more about this climate change by studying the extreme and extreme weather events such as hurricanes, tornados and other extreme weather.

What is the reason we need rain, wind, hail, thunder storms?

So that everything can be covered in water, that it becomes a liquid. As a liquid it’s able to support plants, it protects the plants from the air. When you shine a light on it at the right time and place on the plant, it grows bigger than it was before. When it covers a field it can cover a tree or a bush. So it covers the water in the soil and it allows plants to grow.

The rain comes out from the clouds or from the open. Why is it so hard to see the sky with a solar eclipse?

There are no clouds. So when the sun disappears the rain drops fall, from the skies. When the clouds disappear they can form clouds where the rain falls.

Where is the water coming from?

It comes from rivers, lakes, swamps or ponds. Sometimes it comes with a