Does the Bible say not to swear? – Cool Tattoos Drawings

No, the Bible says: “Worshippers ought to avoid swearing.”

Does the Bible believe in God?

No, the Bible says: “He will return for judgment; and His righteous reward will be upon Him.”

Does the Bible condemn blasphemy?

No, the Bible speaks of God as “just, and the same yesterday and today, and forever.”

Does the Bible condemn homosexuality?

No, the Bible speaks of God as a “loving, good, compassionate God.”

Does the Bible condemn gambling?

No, the Bible says: “[You may] engage in any form of gambling; gambling is not permitted.” (James 4:1-4)

Does the Bible say not to lie?

No, the Bible says: “You must not bear false witness against your neighbor, for even the lie is a sin.” (Leviticus 19:1-11)

Does the Bible believe in evolution?

No, the Bible says: “You must not give credence to the teaching that man came from a lower place, and that he is the center of creation. Rather, seek to show that creation abides in God with all of its parts. God created all things, both things in heaven and things on earth, which he made; but he did not create them for ourselves, but for him.” (Genesis 1:1-3)

Does the Church have the power to change human morality?

No, the Church cannot change human moral standards.

Does the Church believe in the Trinity?

Yes, in the Book of Revelation, God says: “Let me tell you a fact, my love to you is great, and I want you to know the truth, for you are my beloved children.” (Revelation 20:11, NIV)

Does the Church believe that the Bible is a historical document?

No, it is a personal, private, spiritual, God-inspired text. It is not historical.

Does the Church believe there was an original person named Adam?

No, the Church does not believe in a creation from Adam; rather, according to Pope St. Pius V we read: “Adam was not the first man, nor the first woman, nor the first dog.” (Summa Theologiae Iamcepta 2.2.1, translated by J. E. Brill and published in 1965)

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