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The Bible makes an effort to use metaphor and metaphorology. Here’s the idea of swearing as a metaphor – some metaphor is used that is used to bring to life someone’s actions, motives, feelings and so on. This kind of language is used in poetry and stories, and it’s used in song and prose. It is used in Scripture.

The Bible does not teach that you shouldn’t swear – that is the idea that you should not swear is borrowed by critics from the anti-Semites. God’s Bible is not against cursing or swearing, so you have a double-edged sword, the Word of God. God loves us, and He says we should be respectful of human language and our fellow humans when we are using it. We cannot say and do evil things in God’s Word.

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Steve Griffin | The Salt Lake Tribune Students wait in line for their day in the sun outside the Salt Lake County School District at Steve Griffin | The Salt Lake Tribune A school bus carrying students from Salt Lake City’s Stowell International Center drives through Steve Griffin | The Salt Lake Tribune Students watch the Utah National Guard’s helicopter fly over them as they are being transported

The state Department of Motor Vehicles said Wednesday that the Utah Highway Patrol has issued the first recall of vehicles with the defective ignition switch on the 2006, 2007 and 2008 models.

Department spokeswoman Kristen A. Wilson said the agency issued the voluntary recall to prevent the loss of ignition functions. The vehicles with the defective ignition switches had been sold in Utah, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Virginia.

Wilson said the agency plans to make the recall mandatory.

The agency said the defective ignition switches may open or close more than 30 thousand times per day, damaging the engine, causing it to stall, which can cause the driver to lose control and crash.

The agency said when the faulty switches are properly installed and in a closed position, they can be replaced without the owner’s knowledge.

Motorists with recalled vehicles will be offered a free repair or a replacement unit. All new, 2014-2015 cars and trucks built before February 1, 2015, will also have a free replacement unit offered to them and their friends and family.

Motorists with a 2010-11 model year recalled to replace the ignition switch could receive the defect free of charge.

One of the primary sources of the “War on Drugs”

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