Does the Bible say not to swear? – Tribal Dragon Tattoo Designs For Men Forearm Sleeve

No. According to the Bible, it says you should “not swear at all.” The Bible also states that a man “should not be a judge.” How could it possibly be a judge if he was not a judge himself? And, it goes on to say that a judge could say that another man’s wife is a “whore” which also violates the Bible. The Bible forbids a man to “slay his male,” “rape a maid,” “cut his fellow’s throat,” and anything that “bears any resemblance to blood.” The Bible also states that it is “a crime to take the life of a brother of yours.” This means that it is OK at the most basic level to hit a mother, sister, brother or daughter. So, if you believe that violence against anyone is wrong, then you must also believe that any form of violence against a woman is wrong.

2. You Should Not Be Too Nice About Your Enemies. The Bible teaches people never to be too nice toward those we disagree with. A man, James says, is “neither friend nor foe to man.” This means people should be extremely honest about what they care about and who we disagree with. So, if you believe that women are “born that way” and should not be taught in schools, then you should be particularly careful in giving negative judgments against people who disagree with you. As Jesus said: “If two of you shall quarrel, even the smallest shall be made big.” Matthew 5:28.

3. You Should Not Use Violence Against Your Friends. According to the Bible, God does not condone violence against someone else’s family or friends. However, according to Jesus, one who does so is “foolish” and “insulting.” The Bible says that it is “a terrible thing” to injure the hands of a believer. Even killing is a “kind of violence, but even killing is better not to do.” Mark 6:10 (NASB). As noted, Jesus teaches that it is a good idea to “give food to the hungry” and “carpet an house.” In Jesus’ opinion, it is “foolish” to cut someone’s throat or a mother’s nipple; a woman in childbirth is “to be mourned before men.” (Matthew 12:27). So, if you believe that it is wrong to injure a person’s family or friends as well, it also makes sense to give up the right to harm them.

4. You Should

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