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I don’t know, but as a rule if the Bible has anything to say about swearing, it’s not to be used by the non-religious. I believe the New Testament, which was written more than 1,500 years ago, was written “by wise men for wise men”. So, what else are wise men to say? It is a bit hard to see what use a law or decree could be in 1,500 days, and it is not a law that can be enforced by a court. The Bible does not prescribe how a person should behave, at least to those who have chosen to make themselves Christians.

Can you use your religion to excuse bad behaviour when you are not a part of that religion? No, and if you are the person who needs to justify it, or who wants to justify it, go for it anyway. I would suggest that this is what the Church of England believes. The Church states that it is morally wrong to abuse or mistreat a disabled person when one is not under any religion, or under the same religion as them. So, you can abuse a disabled person with the same morality you would exercise and the same intention that you have when you abuse or mistreat a person in one of your religions. It is very, very hard to be moral by any religion.

But that’s not what is being said in the Bill which we are now voting on, is it? No. It is saying that some non-believers need to be taught a lesson.

The people giving this lecture are not just going to sit there and watch people being abused, they are going to make the situation worse for anyone they think might be offended. They are not going to be happy for a victim of abuse to have to suffer that kind of thing.
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The Bible says to keep your mouth shut, and to respect women. That is what Jesus does in Leviticus 18. That is what it says in the Bible. The Bible says, and I am quoting, “If you lie with a man as one lies with a woman, both of you have committed an abomination. You shall surely be put to death; your bloodguiltiness is upon you.”

That is the Bible. It says things. It is wrong to do things that people regard as terrible. It is right to do things under the same religion that you profess, and to go about doing them.

So, for a non-believer, the punishment falls on them. If

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