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Jesse is 6 feet tall! For the most part, Jesse is a quiet, quiet kid who enjoys spending time in his community. He is a fun house on the hill and is a great role model. We would love to add more of Jesse’s story to the site. Click here or the links to our previous stories below.

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The New Year’s Eve incident at San Diego’s The Troubadour, as shown by the video, began when the man attempted to enter the club’s VIP area without paying. At that point, a security guard who had also entered the space, began shouting at him until the man complied with the security guard’s order and exited the club.

The official website has finally revealed what the characters would look like as they are featured in the upcoming visual novel.

While it may sound a bit bizarre considering the visuals the series of games have become famous for and the fact that we now know the character’s gender from the beginning, the official website has finally revealed what the characters would look like in their respective appearances.

The following character images reveal for the first time the names of the people in the game. The characters are as follows:

Shin, Natsuki, Chiyo

Shiro, Hana, Soma

Dokuro, Kaneshiro

Pazuzu, Miyoko

Suisei Miku, Miya

Celica, Tia

And of course, we are also informed that “All of the girls from the light novels are fully voiced. We’re preparing a wide range of voice casts for the upcoming titles, so we hope that you’ll all enjoy watching all sorts of beautiful girls.”

[Update 1/8/16]

A lot of fans have reported that they have received an email and a CD for the games from Crunchyroll. The email reveals that the games will be made available for streaming at Crunchyroll’s website beginning on the 12th of January 2017. A CD containing the theme song for the game has also been posted for users (you also get 10% off the CD with this post).

The announcement itself is brief and only refers to the release of the games at Crunchyroll’s website.

Update 1/3/2016:

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