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‘It was the first time I’d ever tried something on my body like that so I didn’t know what it was like.



‘I was just excited, it was really different. It was one of those things that didn’t feel real.

‘But I went for it and I’m happy I did.’

We know that a lot of you are excited for the release of our brand new album from this year’s Metric and we’re already ready for you to hear it! The album is called Rattle that will be out April 27th. It features 4 of our own in it, including ourselves, Matt Lukin (ex-Omnipresence, Subterranean Homesick Alien), Tim Hickey (ex-Cancer Bats), and Mark Henson (Bassist for the band Dimmu Borgir).

Check out the official track listing and tracklist for the new album from Metric below!

4 – ‘Rattle’ (from Metric)

4. ‘Bruises on Your Legs’ (from Metric)

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4. ‘Cancer Bats’

3. ‘Cancer Bats ‘

2. ‘Vacation’ (from Metric)

I’ve been reading some books recently, like The God Delusion, The Great American Book of Political Correctness and The Transcendent Man, that feature a man who can’t decide on a word to refer to “gay men.” (They’re all very funny and fun to read too, in case you want to go deeper and explore the strange ways in which people can interpret their own ideas and practices as absurd.)

Most of the books I’ve read involve one of these guys at one point, one of the most “politically correct” guys ever. In The Great American Book of Political Correctness, the protagonist, a liberal Jewish political activist named Michael J. Savage, is supposed to be a “good guy” who has “a long record of courage, integrity and fairness — and he loves us” but then turns out to be, in the end, just a very very bad guy. The same was true for Savage in his novel The Transcendent Man, in which a wealthy New York realtor-council member turns out to be in the pocket of organized crime!

So when I heard a recent book being touted as a feminist

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