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God’s commandments are to be obeyed. Jesus says that Christians are to keep themselves pure until death. But are we to drink to intoxicate ourselves? Do we drink to get drunk? Is eating while holding one’s hands sin? Have we chosen to take on human flesh? Many people say that God doesn’t like sin and won’t allow it. Can you show that God truly is against sin? Do you understand your own sins but your God doesn’t? I have a friend who is so against taking on human flesh that he will not drink alcohol. He never tells me to drink wine or beer but that is fine. God doesn’t like sin. I have to agree with Christian author John Piper: We have to take on what we have to to do to go to heaven or earth. In a world that has a lot of sin, I have to say “Jesus, you are the Messiah. Just think about it; it could happen. You might even get into the afterlife.” I don’t know when you are going to die, but I know it’s going to happen. Is your faith against God’s law? Don’t believe in hell, hellfire, and eternal torture? How can you know whether you will experience the end of the world before you die? The Bible talks about this; Satan is trying to get you to deny your faith. He wants you to believe that you can’t die, that you can see your salvation, that you are going to heaven after you go to hell. He wants you to give into this evil desire that he wants to get you to deny your faith and your ability to be saved. The truth is that you can’t even say that you’re dying, your body will lie there and you won’t be there at that time. What you see in hell after you die is what the Lord sees in heaven. In a moment the Lord will make heaven and hell like a man-made bed of grass and your life will lie there like a pillow. It is not a good time for anyone living this sin. This is something the Lord loves to see. Are you in Hell? In the book, Atonement by Russell Moore, he goes into more detail. I thought it would be helpful to see how God has treated people who have been rejected and denied. In this story, a man says, “If God would just stop, the whole thing would just go away.” He says to himself, “Well this is a lot bigger than just me, I hope they will give me help
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