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(Question 14 of 2/18/2010) Comment: When the Bible tells us that drinking alcohol a sin, it was a sin of the people, not of God. As Dr. Gary Chapman of Calvary Baptist Bible College puts it, “if we had no culture of drinking in the Bible, drinking wouldn’t have been a sin.” And, as Chapman sees it, “if God didn’t drink alcohol (and in any way forbid the drinking), then drinking was an abomination.” The Bible’s ban on alcoholic beverage consumption would also be compatible with an ethic of “sinless living” in which every individual should live so that he/she might avoid the temptation to be sinful. In fact, a biblical ethic of “sinless living” is a part of that world view. But that world view also leads to a view of human sexuality that, if we accept biblical teaching on the matter, leads to both a view of physical sex that is intrinsically wrong for any sex, and a view of sexual pleasure that is intrinsically good. So, in view of the moral and cultural context where drinking is considered a sin, the prohibition is not an all-inclusive prohibition because it’s based on the wrong teaching about sex. Comment: The Bible teaches that God created men and women in His own image. One person is called male and one is called female. And, God created all man’s sex-opposite species male and female. (Genesis 1:27) Comment: God created male and female in Genesis 1, as one in a series of created beings. (Genesis 1:27) Comment: God gave each individual certain “rights” within the created universe. And since each individual’s rights are limited, God also gave them certain “rights” that can be violated; for example, we may take the wrong action in some other aspect of life. (Genesis 1:27) Comment: The sin of adultery is committed through intercourse between a man and woman who are physically together and one who is not. There are other types of sin of which adultery (that is where the victim lies with the spouse, not the spouse, as this offense is fornication) is one. It is not clear why Jesus would have prohibited a type of sexual sin which had not been specifically prohibited by God or by the law as he is set forth. (Matthew 5:31,32,33,4,7,8,19) Comment: There are several reasons why it might be better if the laws which prohibit adultery
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