Is it a sin to eat pork? – Boy Tattoos On Arm

Answer: There is no sin in eating any vegetable you choose to eat. But the question is what should you plant to supply the animal? You should consider the food value of animals when making that decision.

Source: The Christian Response to Sin

Q: If it makes you uncomfortable to hear our religion teach that eating meat is a mortal sin, why do you eat it?

A: Because there are so many good things about it. Eating meat, especially raw meat, is a sin against God. And it’s a sin against other animals as well. The Bible does teach there are seven degrees of righteousness. You can’t sin against the first six, because the seventh is based on human judgment and human desires. When we give animals in the name of God, we sin against their nature.

But that’s not the reason we eat it all. We eat some of it just to be part of God’s creation. Some of us live only to be healthy meat and drink only fruit juice – to live only to eat. For others, meat and drink are part of God’s pleasure in making our bodies fit to do God’s will.

If all of the meat was good, we’d be happy just by eating it, without any of the other good things we get from meat.

Source: The Christian Response to Sin

“To the unsaved”

Q: Why do you call yourself a non-believer?

A: To say ‘I have no belief in God’ has always made me a more difficult person to work with than if I said ‘I have no belief in Christ.’ Many of my coworkers thought I was being overly dramatic and self-righteous.
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I always like to think of religion like politics.

What really motivates people to say ‘I have no belief in the things God has decided about me’ is that they feel powerless, and powerless is why they want to change their lives.

So when I call myself a non-believer, I can take the chance to say, ‘Look here, there are some things in God’s life that God is in charge of and we’re powerless to change them.’

You can also consider some of the ways in which God has made us powerless to change our lives. I think there are three main reasons we don’t change our ways any more.

1. God is not looking for that kind of change.

For instance, God’s law says

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