Is the new school a private university? – Compass Rose Tattoo Designs

It isn’t a separate school. Unlike a university, which can be owned, the school is owned by a consortium of private equity firms known as the B.C. Teachers’ Federation.

Will there be a degree?

Yes, but the curriculum and degree offerings are still under development.

Who’s running the school?

Larissa Deschutes is chairman of the B.C. Teachers’ Federation and is the vice-chair of the B.C. Teachers’ Council.

She said the new school’s board was chosen by a private consortium and that the schools name should reflect its identity.

How will the students choose their path to success?

Deschutes said they will learn skills that will prepare them to succeed in the wider world.

“What I really want them to consider is what I call the ‘soft landing,'” she said.
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Is that what it sounds like?


“What I really want them to consider is what I call the ‘soft landing,'” Larissa Deschutes, president of the B.C. Teachers’ Federation, said about the path students will follow after they graduate. “What will the soft landing entail? What will the school be like. What will students do?”

Will students have to be college and graduate students?

This has yet to be decided, Deschutes said.

A spokesperson for the B.C. Education Ministry would not comment on their status.

Will this be a private university?

There’s concern among students about what happens to their education. Some have described the school’s educational offerings as a mix of an exchange program and a diploma.

What happens after students graduate?

The school will eventually move to an on-campus campus where they will have the same opportunities to live and learn as current or previous students.

This will happen in 2015, Deschutes said, and the new schools board will then select faculty and staff who will work with each incoming class.

What happens to the students after they graduate?

The board has made many recommendations to the school to ensure students in the schools final year are prepared for the next step.

Students will get an allowance for the first six months of post-secondary education and a grant for their final year of college courses.

Students will be required to write their final grades, take a final exam as part of their final year, and

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