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What does it mean for schools to “graduate” students? What’s the difference between a graduate and a student in graduate school? Find answers to these questions.

In an interview with Fox News Tuesday morning, President-elect Donald Trump said he thinks the president of the United States (in this case, Barack Obama) “has to go to work because what he represents is a failure.”

Trump was asked by reporter Bill Hemmer if he’s “expect[ed] to be in office a year from now.”

He was referencing Obama’s term in office.

“I think what he represents is failure,” Trump said.

Trump was also asked to react to what he thinks of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, whom Trump said is a “strong leader.”

“I have no relationship with him, to be perfectly honest with you,” he said.

Trump reiterated that he’s “very much” considering running for president in 2020 if “the American public is willing to give me a second chance.”

“It’s something that I am really, really looking forward to doing,” Trump said.

SALT LAKE CITY — Mormon men often don’t attend church out loud, preferring to pray silently in a quiet room in quiet chapel, surrounded by their wives and children. Women are rarely allowed to participate in the same silent room as their husbands.

The church leaders have long promoted this silence as the more respectful option. And in the past year, several Mormon women have decided to speak up about the church’s stance on the gender-segregated quiet rooms, which are only open to men and women.

Several female members of Congress are part of the group that created a website asking Mormons to submit their experiences with the quiet room.

“I want people to feel comfortable to talk openly and honestly about religion without fear of retribution,” said Rep. Katherine Clark, D-Mass. “We all have the right to be heard by our church leaders.”

The women, who spoke at a forum Tuesday in the Brigham Young University student center, detailed their experiences with the quiet rooms and explained why they prefer to sit or stand rather than stand up for silent worship.

“We don’t want to be silent worshipers,” said Rep. Katherine Clark, in a video on the site.

The church says the quiet rooms are meant to be respectful to both genders — and that they never have been used to punish anyone.

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