Is there an app to design tattoos? – Tattoo Tester

I think it’s worth looking at creating a tattoo studio or a boutique tattoo artist. They can usually have designs for about $800, so it’s a pretty substantial investment for what you won’t be getting for free.

A tattoo studio will usually have all their existing designs already made. I have friends who have already had tattoos made that are fantastic. Also, there are a lot of design services for tattoo ink that you would find on the market, e.g. at a tattoo shop, so getting a quality design will probably take half the time. If anyone has any suggestions – I’d love to hear about them!

Will I still be able to get a tattoo done?

If you had your first tattoo when you were 22, it will almost certainly be on. In any event, my experience has been with the same client for the past five years who will make a few changes every couple of months, so it’s not a big deal.

Podcast: The Story Behind The Music Of A Few Hours

This week on The Story Behind The Music of A Few Hours, host David Zalubowski takes us back a couple minutes to 2012, to the moment that a few hours in our future had an impact on your everyday life as you knew it.

Our story starts when a little boy named Max was struck with epilepsy at the age of four. He had to spend five days on a hospital wing. But after his condition stabilized, he was ready to return home. And for his 11-year-old brother and 2-year-old sister, we were ready to join him.

That was in 2012. It’s 2013 now, at the end of a whirlwind year full of new family, a new home, a new outlook on life… and a few years later, we’re finally in the studio with David, to chat about his childhood with epilepsy, the future of music, and the way it can be used to bring people together.

Find out what inspired that “You’re not listening to Max” song from You Want The Big City, what inspired the song we called “The Voice of Max” from Max, who has a voice that speaks to every age, and how to incorporate these messages in your everyday life.

The United States has one of the most generous welfare systems in the world, but a new survey by the Cato Institute shows that Americans want the government to end the entitlement programs that now hold them back from reaching their maximum potential.

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