Is there an app to design tattoos?

Yes, you need to be using an online application for that and it is more user friendly than drawing the tattoo. Just click on the “I don’t already like that” button on the website of the tattoo machine.

What is some advice for someone who wishes to start a tattoo business, but no funds are available?

There are many ways to start a business and they have pros and cons. The main ones for us is patience and to start small with a small space. People who start a tattoo businesses are very patient. A lot of people are not comfortable with using Internet and having a tattoo machine at work and so many businesses are also not equipped at the moment. I also found that a lot of people have trouble communicating and so the business is a bit hard to reach. It may take some time to develop your business and when your business starts selling you need to establish your market before you can focus on what you need to be doing, the customer. So it makes sense to start a venture from a very basic position first. So don’t make your business too big and start with a small one.

Where can people have more information about you?

You can go to my website

What is the ideal tattoo for a woman?

It is a good tattoo for a woman. A woman who wants to go under the water or a woman who is a sailor, a woman who wants to be in an aquatic club somewhere. It is a beautiful tattoo as well. You can make the tattoos in any size or color as long as you give it proper attention to it. To a great extent women get tattoos when they are pregnant and so if you go to a tattoo parlor and give it proper attention this will give your client a lot of value.

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