Is tribal tattoos out of style? – Tattoos For Ladies Arms

In the West, tribal tattoos generally are seen as a Western fashion style.

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However, the trend is now becoming increasingly popular in parts of the Middle East.

“Many Westerners are aware of tattoos that are common in the Middle East,” says Bijam Sadeghi, a regional editor at the International Herald Tribune newspaper in Riyadh.

Mr Sadeghi says that many people who take out tribal tattoos say that they are motivated by traditional culture, rather than Western fashion.

Image caption Tribal tattoos tend to be worn by older people who have lived in the region for a long time

“Tribes have their own customs and traditions and are different to the Western fashion trends,” he says.

Many of the young people that wear tribal tattoos would not wear them today, he adds.

But tribal tattoo enthusiasts like Mohammed Al-Aqeel say they think younger generations may be drawn into the traditional culture by the way it reflects the past.

“In many cultures, tribal tattoos are quite popular and people have been doing them for generations,” he tells the BBC.

“There’s also a history behind them, and many people see it as part of the tradition.”

He says many people in the Middle East have tattoos that are a mark of respect for ancestors, or to show their identity.

“Tribal tattoos would be a modern-day equivalent of this.”

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