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There are tons, and I could list them all here, in just a few sentences. They’re a reflection of how I feel as a person and a community of people involved with this tattooing community. Tattoo ideas come from everything from personal history, to my love for the tattoo art form, to my life, to my past, to my present, to my future, to my future, to my present and my future, and even, maybe most of all, to my past so I can have a future with something meaningful.

It really doesn’t matter what the idea is or what a tattoo design might be, what matters is that I want a tattoo. The point is to have it done, and if I don’t take the time and effort to do it, it doesn’t happen, so I want to get it done now. So that’s part of what I do every day: I’m up and tattooing. It doesn’t matter if it’s an ink on my cheek, a piece on my arm, an image on my arm, or even the idea on my sleeve (see my favorite part, my sleeve idea) I want it done and I’m going to tattoo it.

There’s so many different types of tattoo ideas that people have, that it really doesn’t matter what the subject is, what the artist is doing, the style of tattooing or even what the client has done for me, I want it done. I want it tattooed and it happens, and then it can be what I need it to be, and when it happens it can be what I want. Sometimes I’ll want the tattoo to be a portrait or an image from my past, or sometimes I’ll want to write a sentence, or sometimes I’ll want it to be a message, or I’ll like my tattoo and just want it to be the coolest and most impressive thing I’ve ever done.
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When I get an idea that has meaning to me, I’m always trying to figure out what that meaning is, or it can be anything from my family, friends, my job, my school experiences, people I love, what my life is about, and so much more. That’s part of what drives me, to not be a distraction during the process because I don’t want people to be looking at the tattoo and thinking it’s a blank canvas, that the tattoo is my personality, my tattoo is the idea on my sleeve. I want it so it’s beautiful.

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