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I personally take care of all the work for every client, so every tattoo is personalized to your unique needs and desires. If the client demands, I’ll do it! I love working with clients, and I love to collaborate with the best artists in the country.

How do you handle an idea of a tattoo?

I love working with clients who are so creative and open to exploring their ideas. We spend so much time together, it’s really a thrill for me! I try to be patient enough for them to let me know if the idea is feasible, but willing to help guide them if they feel like they are losing patience with the process or their goal. I love the process of helping people, and when I’m working on a project, I try to remember that what you do can’t be done alone.

How do you manage the business when you’re traveling?

I try to find ways to minimize or create a buffer zone between myself and the client when they are home. This means I can be at the same hotel, but I can’t do the same task on the phone. I do some good old fashioned book keeping around the house and make sure to put my name behind the book. When our family is away and my kids aren’t home, my son takes over doing the tasks and is so much fun!

What are your tattoos?

The ones I mentioned with my kids. I take great care to make sure clients get the most out of their tattoos!

What is your best tip or technique for getting started in the tattoo business?

Get the chance! If you don’t have a passion for photography or doing art, getting started in the tattoo industry is really easy. You can be a freelance photographer, or a tattoo expert, or a photo expert – get started with whatever you want!

My friend said to use this list of tattoos on a wall because my husband is from Michigan and I’m from Ohio. So we wanted to incorporate some Michigan tattoos into our family. If you’re interested in learning more, check out The Tattoo Artist’s Guide to Michigan.

Photo: The Tattoo Artist’s Guide to Michigan

Photo: The Tattoo Artist’s Guide to Michigan

Photo: The Tattoo Artist’s Guide to Michigan

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