What does flash tattoo mean? – Smart Tattoo Designs

A flash tattoo has a much shorter run life than the traditional tattoo. However, it lasts longer and is more durable. For this reason it is more common in the more upscale communities. It is also popular amongst the youth due to this shorter lifespan.

The difference between flash tattoo and traditional tattoo is that flash tattoo consists of an outline with a number of dots and letters. Traditional tattoo is made up of a square pattern. So it is very different from traditional tattoo.

How is flash tattoo done?

Since the design on flash tattoo is more geometric and it has a faster run time, it is much easier to do. But it doesn’t mean that it is also quicker. The actual process is still quite time consuming. There are three stages where you will create a character and then apply it on your tattoo.

Stage one: the outline

Here you have the most challenging part of the process. In this stage you have to draw the design exactly as it was originally and create a line connecting the dots and letters. The best way of doing this is with a palette knife. The other tools that you need are a pencil in a marker, a brush and a razor blade. You will have the opportunity to create it by yourself.

Stage two: the paint, lettering and ink

In this stage you will have to apply the various colors of ink to the design. You will also have to apply small dots on the design which will make it more readable visually and also allow you to trace the design with a line.

Stage three: the final touches

In this stage you will have to use a brush, a marker and a razor blade to draw the design. This is definitely the hardest part and once you get it done you will have a finished look.

Other factors needed

Besides flash tattoos, there are some other factors that are important during the process of creating them. You can add in extra things like tattoos with letters, initials, or even logos that will further enhance the look of your tattoo.

You will also need to ensure that the design of your tattoo doesn’t resemble what you currently have or have seen before and look modern. If the flash tattoo is done by someone who is experienced in art, some of these extra details will make your tattoo more recognizable.

It’s about the fit

It’s important to remember that having the right design and matching your tattoo are very important things. The fit factor is what makes an impact on

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