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Flash tattooing is the process of taking a tattoo image and cutting through it, leaving behind a smooth, tattoo-safe tattoo. This is a very simple, easy process, but one that requires some skill, as well as some patience and concentration. It should only be done if you’re truly comfortable with the way it looks and feels, as it does require patience. It can leave scars, the result of overzealous tattooing or improper cutting. Flash tattooing is also done only under the direct supervision of a professional who can be on hand to watch the process and ensure that the body is well protected. And, of course, a well-trained professional is absolutely needed.

How does it work?

Flash tattooing is a result of a process called photostitching, which takes a photo image, and then applies it to a tattoo. This process uses the photoluminescence of chemicals in the skin. When the chemical reaction takes place – or is triggered by certain wavelengths – certain parts of the photograph flash (invisible or bright) at the tattoo’s surface, creating a temporary flash effect that then disappears.

In a practical sense, a tattoo has a permanent appearance, regardless of what process you use. For this reason, it’s important to avoid cutting or tattooing with chemicals other than those that are specifically used in the photostitching process. This is especially important if you are not experienced with photostitching.

Are there any other effects of flash tattooing?

When a small tattoo is flashed against a tattoo, the photoluminescence produced by the chemicals can create a small, temporary, temporary, visible, bright red spot on the skin. It’s not a strong effect, so a person has to be careful what they do if they do this. For this reason, it’s best to avoid drawing your tattoo onto a tattoo if you don’t really have to, or you really are not interested in seeing these things. For more information on the effects of flash tattoos, check out this page on skin phototherapy.

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