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Lotus is derived from Sanskrit language and has been an attribute of the Indian religion of Vedism for over 2,500 years. When the first Westerners landed in India, there were lots of Hindu temples in the vicinity. During British Empire, Westerners introduced lotus as a symbol of wealth. The lotus flower is a religious symbol and it is also seen as a symbol of luck.

In India, lotus flower is called nishkamakkhala which means wealth flower in Sanskrit. But in the world, lotus is a symbol of wealth, which is one of the most widely used. The lotus flowers are used as a charm by people who want to impress their friends. The lotus flowers are also used by people as a symbol of wealth by giving them a lot of wealth. Many temples are decorated with lotus as a symbol of wealth in ancient Indian culture.

Lotus is often used as the symbol for prosperity when you want to impress your friends as it is seen in many religions. The nishkamakkhala symbol resembles the lotus flower and is known as the lotus flag. The lotus flower is usually shown in the middle of a lotus flag to show that the person is prosperous and that they are rich. The lotus flowers are traditionally shown in temples to invoke blessings on all the priests.

Lotus flower

What is its origin?

Lotus flower originates from Sanskrit language and was introduced to the Indian culture as a symbol of wealth in 1500 BCE in the Vedas. Its origin is unknown. According to the Vedas, lotus is derived from the word nishkam. nishkam is the feminine form of it. So lotus flower originate from Sanskrit nishkam (Nishkam meaning wealth). But the lotus flower is not called nishkamakkha which is used in Hindu culture.

Lotus flower is also known as nishkamakkhala which is also the flower’s symbol. It is also known as nishkamakkhala nishkam in the form of a flag or flag as it is commonly used in the temples.

What is the meaning of lotus flower?
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Lotus flower is one of the symbols of wealth. It is believed that the lotus flower is associated with wealth and wealth is represented by lots of lot of lotus flowers. But the lotus flower is also used as

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