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lotus flower is a plant for which no translation is available – just the meaning.

Lotus flower is also known as Pindada or the white lotus.

The white lotus is a very interesting plant. If you look closely at it, it is actually shaped like a white lotus flower because it is composed primarily of one-atom-tall, red colored spines. The flowers are quite small and white and the plant is also noted for being quite fragile and difficult to grow.

This beautiful flower is related to the poppy.

It has an unusual name in that the plants don’t take on any name. The plants are sometimes called ‘Pindada’ or even ‘White Lotus’. However, it only grows naturally in India so it can’t be called something from elsewhere in the world.

Lotus bud refers to the very early stages in growing a plant and it is the buds that are the largest part of the flower.

How to grow lotus bud

Lotus bud is a relatively easy plant to grow from seed. It takes a while to germinate and the plant usually takes 2-3 years to reach a fully grown size. The plant will keep on growing until a ripe flower emerges.

Lotus buds can be eaten fresh or used for medicinal purposes.

Lotus flowers are used in tea – like the famous tea of Lotus. Lotus tea is actually made from the flower stems.

You can find them in many Indian stores where they sell Indian lotus flower in loose flowers.

Lotus flower is known in several other countries including United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Norway, Israel, Sweden and New Zealand.

A lotus flower is a member of the cacti family. Its seeds can be found in a plethora of Indian traditional medicines.

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Lotus flower flowers have been used as teas in South America for centuries and it is now a popular addition to ayurvedic medicines.

What can lotus flower do?

Here are some of its uses:

Lotus flowers can help with weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, skin disorders, diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, arthritis, and arthritis pain.

It also helps with acne and has an antiseptic effect.

Lotus flower can be used to treat depression, arthritis, and even skin conditions.


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