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A new tattoo is a permanent change in appearance and the meaning of the body that has been chosen to accompany the unique identity of the person undergoing the new tattoo.

What is permanent tattoo?

A person is considered to be permanently tattooed. Permanent tattoo comes under category of cosmetic surgery.

Is there anything special about permanent tattoo?
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There are no strict rules about what is permanent tattoo. It varies from one individual to the next. Different families require different rules on tattoos. So, there is no ‘one size fits all’ rule. What is permanent tattoo is a permanent change in appearance. There is no guarantee that you will have any permanent change in appearance after this procedure.

What are the benefits and challenges of permanent tattoo?

This practice is mainly used to cover the visible signs of physical illness. For example, one might choose permanent tattoo to cover scars on the arms, neck or back from physical injury.

Is there any risk of infection?

No. Permanent tattoo is a relatively safe procedure. It is very different from tattoo for cosmetic surgery. There is no need to worry about infection at all.

Why should someone choose permanent tattoo procedure?

Many young people ask for permanent tattoo for medical reasons. Many prefer it for religious reasons. There are several reasons why tattoos are preferred for young people compared to other skin modifications. They can gain confidence in themselves. They can express emotion. A person can also gain the courage to reveal hidden or secret past. For example, if someone did not want to go out to work but wanted a tattoo and had to hide it, he has gained confidence to talk freely.

What can you expect after permanent tattoo?

After permanent tattoo, we need to wait for the tattoo to finish healing. So, there have been instances when the tattoo does not recover completely. This is when we need to treat it as a scar. To help in this process, we need to have a doctor on board. A scar needs to be treated in the same way as scar on body. The treatment can be divided into two phases. It involves treatment with laser hair removal or dermal fillers in the dermis. The second phase includes laser hair removal followed by a laser skin graft. This is important procedure for treatment period to be less than 5 days.

Is there any chance of complications with permanent tattoo?

The most common problem after permanent tattoo is infection. Although it can be caused by normal skin infections, some of

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