What does the Lotus mean in Buddhism? – Collage Tattoo

The Buddha said:

“You must learn of that which is called the Lotus Sutra or the Lotus of the Way, that which is called the Dharma Sutra or the Dharma of the Way. This is called the Lotus Sutra. That which is called the Dharma Sutra is called the Dharma of the Way. This is called the Dharma of the Way.”

At one time the Buddha was staying at Ts’ai-Chou in the south of Taiwan. There was a king who wished to enter the Lotus Sutra, so he sent a priest to see the Buddha. And on the way there the priest met with an evil spirit. The evil spirit said:

“I am a King who wishes to enter the Lotus Sutra. Now, tell me the location of the Dharma Sutra. There is no doubt there is no doubt that when you are on this journey you will go to that place, so if you please, tell me where to go. There is no doubt this Dharma Sutra is not to be found in this world.”

The monk said:

“The Buddha told me: “The Dharma Sutra is not to be found in this world.”

At that time the king of the evil spirit left and the priest went to the Temple of the Lotus Sutra to ask for the correct interpretation.

“So you have got all right in your interpretation, but I shall ask you a question: what is the Lotus Sutra? In accordance with what do you believe?”

The monk replied:

“Because I believe that in this Buddha the great Dharma Sutra consists.”

“If it is so it is that the Dharma Sutra is not in this world because it consists of no sutra.”

“If it is not in this world, then what is in the Dharma Sutra?”

“It is that the Tathagata of the beginning of time, when he was at the commencement of his life among the ten directions, when he received the Dharma of the world by the power of his Dharma, said: “A Tathagata has appeared among the ten directions. He comes to the Tathagata, the Tathagata tells him: ‘The Dharma which is not found in this world is, or does not exist. ‘ This is the great Tathagata’s reply. He tells the Tathagata: ‘But, O great Tathagata, do not make the Dharma

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