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How is it related to the Lotus Sutra?

One of the main differences between Buddhism and other religions is the relation between the person and the Lotus Sutra. Buddhism is the practice of Buddhism, or meditation, so people learn about such things as the Buddha and his teaching. But the Lotus Sutra was not written by the Buddha but by other people and it was translated into Chinese. Buddhism is like a book in another language and it includes all the different meanings, which are translated according to the needs of the time and what is relevant to people. For example, the Lotus Sutra says this:

One who cultivates the Lotus Sutra should be well versed in the teachings of the Buddha, like the one who studied the book of the Gohonzon before going to the West; because it contains the meaning of the Dharma, the perfect state. Therefore, one should study and practice the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, just as the one who studied the book before going to the West studied the teachings of the Gohonzon.

The fact that the Lotus Sutra was translated for Western audiences and that it provides the meaning of the Dharma made it attractive to Western people in various ways. Although the words in the Lotus Sutra are not completely clear, they do make sense and can be analyzed. As a result of this, many Western people found it useful, and they sought out Buddhism, which made them feel like a real Buddha, like the Buddha himself.

Why did Buddhism become popular? In what way did Westerners become interested in Buddhism, and how did they respond with respect to the Lotus Sutra?

Initially, it was because of the Lotus Sutra itself. There was an opening for the Westerners’ understanding of the truth of Buddhist teachings if they were to follow up Buddhist teachings with its teachings. As a result, Westerners responded with great appreciation. Nowadays, the Lotus Sutra becomes a symbol of Buddhism. Because it is in Chinese, it can be understood by people of almost all cultures.

Westerners who love Buddhism have many questions for the Lotus Sutra. How was this translation made from ancient words into Chinese? How did the writer make such a long-lasting translation? Why does a book with such a long history and meaning continue to be available to people who love it so much? These are common questions for westerners. They can also find information about this important part of Buddhism.

Why was the writer so interested in such a long time

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