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The Malu is the name given to the five cardinal directions and the six major points whose position is also called “the point of view”.

Malu is a variant form of the word Malan, which means “heaven” or “the abode of the god Amun”.

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The Malu corresponds closely to the Hindu Trimurti and has been the focus of many religions from Hinduism and Islam down to Christianity. The Malu is the origin of the word “Malaya”, the name given to the country of the Malay Peninsula, Malaysia, and the name given to the country to the whole of its southern parts.

Why this place is called it ? There are several reasons : in ancient times there were many Malu inhabitants in the vicinity of the ancient island of Siam. These Malu people gave the name of that part of Siam to the area where they lived and used to build temples and homes. The ancient Siamans used to take the name of the Malu people in the place where the Siamans were in use for worship. The Malu people also used to worship at the very spot where Siamans had worshipped before. However, since the introduction of English names from England, it is now very possible to find Malu in the names of places that were taken in use centuries ago by other peoples. The Malud (marae) in Malud were the local people of the place where the Siamans had worshipped and hence the word Malud used during the Middle Ages. In the present day you can often find the Malu called Malud or Malu. And in fact there are many Malu living in the Malud. Malud used to be a place known to the people of the Malu Islands and they used to live nearby. But now you will find Malud in the place name Malud (meaning ‘The Malud’) and even in the names Malud in most places where this place is used for worship. And most of the Malu of the Malud area are from South Malabar which is the original Malud.

What was the name of that place? The name of the place is Malu or Malud. That place was the place chosen by Amun in the beginning that was named after Malu and used in Siam for worship of his father, Amun. The Malu people were the ones who founded that place. Malu is a name for the Malud people and also Mal

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