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It means ‘I am the root’ in Hebrew. It stands for the Godhead of the creator God. There is no other way to express it to know that is God. Malu means ‘I am the root in the garden of Eden’ meaning that the ‘I’ refers to something that is God in Nature, and the ‘root’ refers to a Creator God.

I Am the Root of the Garden of Eden:

Malu, also known as Gevurah or Shemunah, is the Hebrew word meaning ‘I am the root’. A root is a part that connects a plant with the water table. It is the root that gives life to an ecosystem. Rooted gardens, parks and other urban landscapes are a common sight in today’s urban communities.

Eden is in fact the Garden of Eden (or ‘garden’) of Abraham and Ishmael. It is one of the great cultural icons. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve are placed and told they have a son called Jesus. After hearing this, Eve becomes pregnant. Her baby is named after Jesus. In Genesis 2 Abraham is told that his beloved Son Isaac has been given to him by God. He brings this child up to be an heir, and later on Isaac is chosen by God himself as the Lord. And when he grows up, Isaac and Jacob are called the sons of God.
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Jesus is often called the Son of God in the Bible because of his relationship with God. In fact, all the prophets who prophesied on his behalf prophesied in a similar manner. One such prophet was Ezekiel, also known as the “Settler”, because his name is derived according to Hebrew – “Olam” which translates to ‘The Kingdom of God’.

Isaac was the first of the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. From that first generation onward Abraham lived in a kind of spiritual paradise, where He was blessed by God, and He received a glimpse of the Kingdom of God as the son of God. In this way, it was shown to him by God that Abraham’s seed was the ‘garden’.

The word of God was made known through the prophet Jeremiah: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He restores me from the dead, he leads me beside him wherever he will; he leads me into the wilderness, where no man goes, and he leads me to springs of water of life.” (Jer 4:14)

The prophet

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