What does the Malu mean?

As you may already know, Malu is a type of Japanese candy that is usually eaten in winter and wintery things. It is made of fruit and is made with candy making that is very old. The fruit is mainly raspberries which are a very sweet and sweet taste.

As for the candy makers using it’s name, they have a hard to explain way of using Malu. In Japanese Malu is known as Chikara (or Hakka). This name means that there are two different types of candy. One which is good and one which is bad, which is really hard to explain to English speakers. That is why you may want to ask for the name of the one which is good.

There are two things that make this type of chewing candy unique among some. Firstly, it is much sweeter than other types of candy. Secondly, it is made of pure sugar and not artificial additives. However you may find other kinds of candy made with similar ingredients if you think that is interesting and interesting is good!

So, how to make it from scratch? That would be more difficult, but you might just end up with it! You need rice flour, salt and a sweetener of your choice (sugar, syrup, molasses, etc). In fact, you can simply put these ingredients into a pot and bring to boil then add the candy. Let them boil then remove the pot slowly after they come to a boil and set aside while you keep on a timer. You may need some sugar and a pinch each of salt. After 10 minutes take the pot out slowly and then set aside

And what’s the final result? It is just a soft, moist and delicious piece of candy!

More Malu Facts

Malu is made from raspberries. It tastes sweet and sweet like real raspberry but is just as much sweeter. This is another example of the many similarities with other Japanese varieties (e.g. the white raspberries that are so popular in Japan, the white cherries that are sold as dried cherries, etc.).

The traditional name for Malu is Hakka. Malu is derived from Hakka which is an old word from Japanese, Hakka means ‘sugar house’. Hakka means ‘sugar-cooker’ or ‘sugar bowl’. Malu was originally made by the Hakka who were involved in the sugar industry and the candy makers were called Malu-chusu (m