What foods does the Bible say not to eat? – Small Rose Tattoo Designs To Cover Small Scar Tattoo

Here is a look at the most common ones as listed by the Bible:

Fruits of the earth (such as fruits of the tree of life and the berries of the fig tree) and the fat of the land.

Meat and blood. Meat is forbidden because of this.

Blood (also known as “blood money” since the blood was used to finance the war against the Jews. In Bible times, this may have been a way to divide the spoil.)

Meat and fat from any animal (fish or eggs) — except for fish that are very delicate.

Leather (a leather or leather-like piece of leather) and/or other hide products that are used to make other items, such as hats or robes.

Tuna, lobster or any seafood that are very hard (or soft) (according to the Bible) and are used as bait for sea-lions and kingfishers.

All meat and blood. (You can see a full list here.)

Fog and rain water. The Bible says that one may drink and eat rain water instead of mist (mist = water), but one should wait a week before drinking it as it is “a fountain of life”.

Livestock which have not been killed by God.

All meats that are not from “clean” (clean animal) sources, such as chickens and pigs.

Blood. This has been an easy choice because it is all that one has, including the blood of the children of Israel.

Fruit from trees, such as grapes, apples or melons.

Grain products which do not have a grain origin (such as cornbread)

Foods that are not meant for consumption to preserve them in the way which was mentioned in Exodus 17.

A few other things mentioned in the Old Testament.

Foods with alcohol. You might want to avoid alcohol, because if someone has too much, they will have a “drunk” problem in the same way that a drunk person causes harm to somebody else.

Water (unless to be used for healing purposes or in the form of leaven as mentioned in Exodus 23:12, which is not necessary as it was described as leaven in the first place). Water with any amount is not safe to consume as it causes a person to have an alcoholic (or other drug related) condition.

It has become part of the culture in South America,

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