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That’s not a question! No, really? Then you were right! They are very unique.

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This short documentary investigates the legacy of the “black death” — how the disease and the brutal conditions it left behind left such a huge legacy.

Bryan Cranston and Jeff Bridges play doctors who go to war with each other. (Photo: Warner Bros)

In a move that could give us an extra dose of suspense, The CW announced this week that it will order a sequel to American Horror Story: Freak Show, which was a great season one and a great season two with the actors who starred.

AHS: Freak Show stars Anna Torv, Amanda Seyfried, Alison Sudol and Susan Sarandon. I’m not going to go into how I feel about this show, but based on what I know about this season, I can say that it did not quite live up to its first season. The second had some fun scenes with Jessica Lange, but I’m not sure we got the full fun of the story that the first season was. On the other hand, with the way the season had to come to a close by the time we got to the third season, it was a lot more satisfying to get to get more of what Freak Show wanted to do with the other characters and the series as a whole.

There has already been a rumor for quite some time now that The CW is trying to take advantage of the success of American Horror Story on FX, with a few cast members on board. As far as I know, there have never been rumors that this was a plan, and I would guess that this will be as close the network comes to doing a Freak Show 2, which would certainly be satisfying.

The show also ended on a cliffhanger, which was an interesting choice, considering I still don’t think the writers had finished writing the last segment of Freak Show. They were going to play with what would happen next but then realized they couldn’t keep the story going after the two characters died. This led to a

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