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As stated in Sahih Muslim (Book 41, Number 1259):

… [t]he hadith states: ‘When a woman is ill, an invalid, or in the state of mourning or prostration, or when she is not well.’ Whoever knows the Prophet [ﷺ] well, knows that all three of these statements are haraam. …
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Haraam means forbidden for us to do to one another. If we are not a complete Muslim, such ‘acts’ would not be considered haram; therefore, as soon we reach our state of purity, we are considered pure by God and it is not permissible to keep on doing or say anything that may be considered haram at any other time.

When the hadith is taken in the context that women are forbidden from doing to one another what is haram, it is not clear whether the hadith covers a similar concept of not touching the feet or legs of a man. In the hadith in question, it does not specify that women are prohibited from touching men’s feet; rather, women are commanded to avoid touching men’s feet. And so it is permissible for a woman who is not menstruating to touch a man’s feet. But the hadith does not specify that a woman who is menstruating is not permitted to touch a man’s feet.

The Muslim woman must be free of all immoral thoughts and desires. But when it comes to touching her husband’s feet, he may ask her to stay away from the matter if he wants to keep the relationship going.

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