What is new school tattooing? – 3D Butterfly Ankle Tattoos Designs

In the past, tattooing has required the application of multiple injections, depending on the client’s preferences and preferred method of completing the design. In contrast, new school tattooing is done by injection of a single piece of ink for each piece of finished work.

We also offer new school tattoos in the same style as our permanent portraits. We can help you choose the best size for the design that best fits your needs.

How long before the tattoo is ready for placement?

A design for the new school tattoo can take up to 2-4 weeks to complete (depending on time of year and individual tattooing techniques) during summer or winter months. The design can generally be completed at any tattoo studio located in the Netherlands.

How long before the tattoo is ready for removal?

New school tattoo installations are guaranteed to last the life of the client. We can only assume that the tattooing process will need to be completed by a skilled tattoo artist and professional design studio so there are no unexpected issues with this.

Who can get my new tattoo?

We will choose clients mainly from the tattoo industry, but we can also select other people who want to get their own personal portrait and who are qualified to do a good job.

Does the tattoo fit me?

The design of our new school portraits will be designed to fit your unique body shape. We are looking for the best tattoo artist who is able to make each piece fit perfectly in their own body.

Can I get a tattoo to cover another person’s tattoo?

All new school tattoos contain a clear background picture of the client. If you prefer a different background picture we can also design the tattoo for you if there may be other people with your tattoo, as long as we know its the same person you are trying to tattoo.

Please note that a tattoo does not require any ink to be placed on your skin. The only thing you need to do is apply some ink to your skin.

Who is responsible for the return of tattoos to new school tattoo studios after completion of the project? In case of damages, how do we cover these costs?

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We can always accept responsibility for the return of the tattooed piece if there is any damage caused. We only refund for a portion of your initial order, or the amount you paid on the initial order.

How will you be responsible if my tattoos are damaged by the use of other people’s tattoos?

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