What is new school tattooing? – Rose And Skull Tattoo Designs Drawing Black And White Cartoon

You may have wondered about school tattooing. Some schools, after reviewing the results of a survey, concluded that they had received less than 3% of parents asking for school tattooing. However, school boards still receive many requests for tattooing and many different types of school tattooing are available.

Where is school tattooing made?

Teachers, counselors, school counselors, principals, and parents in this state also have the right to tattoo the principal or the school counselor on their child’s school identification card or school ID card.

How is school tattooing performed on school districts?

School tattooing is performed by professionals. The tattooist will take a blood sample, measure the tattoo and color it, and apply the tattoo to your child’s hand. This procedure will have you paying for a full school identification card (this includes all fees and state taxes to the state).

What is the age of first tattoo?

The state does not officially publish the age of first tattoo.

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I have already made a request for school tattooing. Should I resubmit it?

There is a very limited number of school districts in Illinois that may accept a resubmission. A student applying for school tattooing will need the following:

The original “request” form (please download the form) from the school where the tattoo is desired. The child’s school identification card or school ID card or his/her parent’s school identification card. The school district’s current policies.

To see the full requirements, please go to the Illinois Department of Human Services.

I have already obtained a school tattoo. How do I apply for a refund?

You can always try to get a refund at any time. All tuition is due in full no later than the 30th day of the month before the first day of school. No refunds will ever be accepted for tattoos taken between 12/30/12 and 1/31/13. Refunds are issued on a “first come, first served” basis. Please note that refunds for second tattoo or for tattoos taken after 1/31/13 may not be issued until 2/31/13. For information on requesting a refund, please visit the Illinois Department of Human Services website at www.dhs.state.il.us.

If I need an immediate refund for a student’s tattoo, can I do so?

To receive your refund, please call the school where the student received his

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