What makes a bad tattoo? – Tattoo Designs For Kids

I don’t need to tell you, I have a lot of tattoos! In fact, I’ve got a few hundred or more.

So what makes mine bad, and why it could make you feel like shit?

For one thing, I’m not sure I like tattooing, and to be honest with you, there’s not a lot I like on that arm. Actually, the last bad tattoo I got was about two months ago, and that was also for a noncommercial reason. I was going to get a tattoo that featured one of my favorite characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Splinter, but that didn’t seem very appropriate, and I wasn’t sure the ink I’d gotten made it look as bad as it does now. The ink I got last week was meant to be called “Squadron Supreme,” but it ended up looking like the color of a baby’s butt, and my client actually told me he’d really not want me to get another tattoo.

So it was a bit of a “fuck you” to me, but at the bottom of my need for the tattoo, I really think I love the character.

I understand that there’s been a lot of feedback online about the tattoo and your reactions to it. What’s been the most difficult aspect of getting it done?

For both my hands and my face, I’ve had a little bit of trouble getting it on, maybe because the skin that was inked there wasn’t very well hydrated or the ink got on my hair. But I think the most frustrating part is that I’m a very public person, and because I’m a professional model, I usually don’t get recognized when I’m going through the makeup process or doing my own hair. I’ve had one person who, not sure what the tattoo was supposed to express, thought that I was talking about an X-rated movie. I ended up getting my beard done, and there was no problem getting it on. I’ve never had it on when I was out partying or even when I was in public, though. But if you’re more of a private person yourself, then I’m probably not going to answer that question unless you want to talk on camera like, “Oh, man, my eyebrows are fucking off” or whatever. But I’ve had some positive reactions and it’s been very positive.

How often do you get stopped by the cops?

As far as I know, never really. A lot

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