What makes a bad tattoo? – Yellow Rose Tattoo Designs On Foot

This guy thinks it has nothing to do with the artist.

The worst tattoo on a tattoo artist’s body is obviously a big nose tattoo. A large nose tattoo can make a person appear bigger than they actually are, especially when doing it on the back of one’s head. It’s important to think about your client’s personality before committing to a massive nose tattoo, and it’s really important to have both personality and body image in the work.

A good tattoo artist will be aware of what the client’s personality means to him—how he reacts to big names in the entertainment industry, for example—and the tattoo artist is able to create a powerful work that represents both of their personality and body.

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I’m the oldest of three children, and the oldest daughter of my father’s partner. I was born in 1964, but my father didn’t make it past the sixth month of gestational hypertension. Since I had never been a kid, I didn’t know what the term meant but knew I was getting sick. He was admitted to hospital a week before Christmas in 1965 with high blood pressure. After two days at the hospital he was released on medication which put off the problem for several years.

In January 1966 I was admitted again for two days because of fevers. My father was admitted for his first time in 1965 and it was the same bed he was in 1966. He was told the fever was a virus he contracted after spending time on a cruise ship. The medication I was given hadn’t reduced the severity but hadn’t helped either. I was now in hospital for three days for a blood disorder.

After this diagnosis the hospital discharged my father and he continued to spend time alone at home, often for several days by himself. He was getting sicker. My mother had been prescribed a lot of blood thinner medications such as Humira and Levantil when he got better but he still had a high dose of his blood thinner in his bloodstream. I tried to talk to him about what was going on. He told me it was just going to be too much time without my parents. He knew that my father hadn’t been able to have children himself—he was having difficulty conceiving a child—but that my mother had been able to have a child with a young man. The man was still a teenager and had been in the Philippines.

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