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Here’s a chart showing how many tattoos are most popular in Europe:

Source: Global Ink, a company that specializes in getting a tattoo in the European Union.

You need a tattoo for many different reasons. Whether you want it to look like a tattoo on your finger or it’s something you want to say on your chest, you’ll need a tattoo. It can be expensive and it’s not easy to get one without a license. (See our guide to tattoos in America.)

You could also just like it and want to have some fun with it, but that won’t allow you to get away with the cost.

We also found out that Spain isn’t the only place where artists make lots of money. In 2015, tattoos in France made $2,890,000 on average, versus $1,800,000 in the U.S., according to the tattoo industry website SkinTattoo.com. That can get pricey if you have to travel, and it isn’t the lowest level of tattooing that’s also happening in France.

But in 2015, it was the European Union—and not the U.S.—that led the list with the most expensive tattoos.

Do you prefer cheap or expensive tattoos?

If you love them and want to have the world’s largest selections of tattoos, this may make it seem pretty unfair.

If you want the largest selection and cost is important to you (which it sometimes is), you may really want to stick to cheap tattoos. But if you’re trying to cover some cost with a tattoo, a bit of compromise is what you want—and that’s just not always possible with traditional European tattoos.

To find out who is making the most money from tattoos in Europe, get in touch with SkinTattoo.com or SkinTattoo.com’s global head of sales and sales strategy, Anna Reitzel.

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